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Inspired by his best friend’s battle with cancer, Dr. Frank Merritt has engineered the fasting protocol, The 17 Hour Fast, which offers maximum benefits from a minimum fast that promotes an enriching mind, body and soul experience. Drawing on years of medical practice as well as VitalityPro research protocols developed with iconic athletes, respected nutritionists, and behavioral/exercise psychologists, The 17 Hour Fast embodies a minimum effective dose (MED) strategy harnessing powerful health and performance advantages of longer fasts while avoiding many of their pitfalls. Furthermore, The 17 Hour Fast is carefully synchronized and choreographed with diurnal/nocturnal hormone patterns, sleep hygiene, personal growth and relationship building techniques and suggested training/recovery activities to create a potent combination for success.

Award Winning Contributors


The 17-Hour Fast is founded on a bedrock of cutting-edge scientific data and presented in an intuitive and approachable way by Dr. Merritt and acclaimed writer Phil White. This book includes inspiring insights from the likes of:

Hall of Fame football coach Gene Stallings 

NCAA All-American/NFL Jeremiah Castille

Cy Young winner Barry Zito

Army General Mark McQueen

Writer/director Sam George

Pro surfing pioneer Randy Rarick

Author & coach Brian Mackenzie

Champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer

Award-winning musicians Peter Furler, Mac Powell and Jon Micah Sumrall.



This book is dedicated to anyone who has faced failure and initially thought, “I can’t”, then defiantly stood back up and said, “Yes I can”. My best friend Jason was initially given only months to live but courageously, he, his wife and friends teamed up and said, “we can beat this”. And we did for over 7 years.  

 This book is not just about health related conditions, it’s about choosing to be a victor and not a victim. This book is dedicated to the champion and challenger alike because every champion will face defeat and every challenger has a champion inside. Then you say, “look at all my failures and/or all the adversity in front of me”. Then I say, “Perfect”. Failures and adversity are the secret ingredients to success. You just need to know how to properly use them for future success. This book can help. This book is dedicated to YOU!