The 17 Hour Fast

Dr. Frank Merritt & Phil White

The 17 Hour Fast

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a Sample Chapter

This book is written in memory of my best friend, Jason Smith.

This book is dedicated to anyone who has faced failure and has initially thought, "I can’t," then defiantly stood back up and said, "Yes I can." My best friend Jason was initially given only months to live, but courageously, he and his wife and friends teamed up and said, "We can beat this." And we did, for over 7 years. If you: can win.

This book is not just about health-related conditions, it’s about choosing to be a victor and not a victim. This book is dedicated to the champion and challenger alike because every champion will face defeat and every challenger has a champion inside.

When you say, "Look at all my failures and/or all the adversity in front of me," then I say, "Perfect." Failures and adversity are the secret ingredients to success. You just need to know how to properly use them for future success. This book can help. This book is dedicated to YOU!

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