The 17 Hour Fast

Dr. Frank Merritt & Phil White

Dr. Frank Merritt

Dr. Frank MerrittDr. Frank Merritt is the co-founder of VitalityPro, a research company dedicated to improving quality of life and athletic performance through development of new innovative modalities, techniques and systems. Learn more at In this capacity and as a physician, he has worked with many elite athletes and athletic organizations. Dr. Merritt obtained his undergraduate degree from Harding University, published post-graduate research at Pepperdine University and got his medical degree at University of Alabama at Birmingham. In addition to VitalityPro, he continues to practice emergency medicine in a regional trauma center. He maintains a board certificate in Internal Medicine which he utilizes in multiple charitable, pro bono endeavors both domestic and abroad. He is a husband and father who greatly enjoys time with his family. They “practice what they preach” and can often be found playing sports on their football/training field behind their house or in the ocean surfing, swimming or fishing.

Phil White

Phil WhitePhil White is an Emmy-nominated writer and the co-author of Game Changer with Fergus Connolly, Unplugged with Andy Galpin and Brian Mackenzie and the forthcoming Waterman 2.0 and Flight Plan with Dr. Kelly Starrett. When not writing abou t himself in the third person, he enjoys walks in the woods with his wife and two sons and standup paddleboarding. Start a conversation with him at, on Twitter at @PhilWhiteBooks or on Instagram at @philwhitebooks.

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